Meet Dr Benjamin Franklin

Humor, Wisdom, Wit, and Mischief

Experience Great Fun and Wisdom

Benjamin Franklin Lives is based entirely on his own writings and letters.
A presentation of living history crafted for modern theater audiences.

A non-political yet historically accurate professional theatrical experience

Gatlinburg, Tennessee Outdoor Theater “Stroll” with Dr Benjamin Franklin

Take an intimate stroll with Doctor Benjamin Franklin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a fun outdoor theater experience. Wonderful stories, humor, wisdom, and a dash of mischief. Go to meet Dr[…]

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All About Benjamin Franklin Lives and a Look Behind The Scenes –

Humor, wisdom, The Doctor’s personal writings, electricity, living history, a dash of mischief, and a professional theater experience all in a blender set on PUREE Benjamin Franklin Lives is based[…]

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Contact The Doctor

Please leave a message below: Messages are held in moderation and are not postedDo you have a question about The Doctor’s life? Do you have a large group who would[…]

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