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About the Producer and Performer – Tony Rollo

| August 6, 2018 | 2 Comments

Tony Rollo is a Nashville based Media Producer, honor society actor, feature filmmaker, and Director.

Tony has a unique formal background in professional acting and electronic engineering. He has many audio and video works to his credit. For his living history audio works, his actor’s group of characters are known as
“The Mighty American Art Players”.

Tony was invited at 16 years old to join the International Thespian Society. He is also a professional member of the Educational Theater Association (EDTA)

Tony Rollo shares a fellowship as alumni in this illustrious honor society with actors such as Tom Hanks, Dick Van Dyke, John Goodman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Faye Dunaway, Val Kilmer, Cloris Leachman, Tony Randall, Amy Acker and many other successful actors.

Tony spent his early years in professional acting touring theaters and solo theatrical projects before his positions in the professional recording industry and work in the computer industry. This was his solid foundation in successfully combining technology with the performing arts.

Tony has a wide experience in the Entertainment Industry, print and digital media publishing, radio broadcasting and voice over performance. His work has be seen and heard in many professional arenas.

Years before that TV “science guy” in the 1990s, Tony wrote, produced, and performed a comical science show live on stage and on tour in the 1980s. He was also a frequent guest on television…

Tony Rollo also spent a few years at the Museum Of Science And Industry in Tampa. He appeared as the resident science wizard performing several live shows daily and sponsored by a major department store chain based in Florida.

Tony has produced and directed two feature films to his credit to date. His second feature film is the acclaimed feature documentary “Submariners: The Men Of The Silent Service” which appeared in theaters in 2016.

His second feature movie has been called “the best submarine documentary / docudrama ever made” by leaders in the United States Submarine Service. The GI Film Festival in Washington D.C. declared this feature to be “of the highest quality” where he not only directed and produced the feature, created motion graphic animations, but also edited the feature as well as mastered and authored the DVD release.

Benjamin Franklin Lives was prepared over several years of research, script writing and production work. It comes after a lifelong study since he was eleven years old of his favorite human, Benjamin Franklin.

It all began in 1972 when Tony was chosen to perform at Disney world in a ceremony of American history at Liberty Square. And he met – face to face – Benjamin Franklin.

Tony, as a young boy merely encountered a Walt Disney actor portraying Benjamin Franklin for that event at Disney World while performing a live scene for the day of course

Yet – that Disney actor took a particular interest backstage in the possible future of the young, eleven year old Tony Rollo.

That Disney World actor took time to inspire and instill into Tony the spark that began a lifelong study of American History, a love of acting and also to study the great man himself, Benjamin Franklin.

Tony’s desire now – after such an early influence, lifelong study and years of work, is to bring the accuracy and attention to detail the living history world strives to achieve onto the stage for a new and unique audience experience.

Benjamin Franklin Lives is based on the historical writings of Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography and digging through his vast number of archived personal letters and correspondence across his life.

Only Benjamin Franklin’s actual writings were considered in preparing this amazing production in order to keep to historical accuracy. Many surprises await you !

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  1. Natalie says:

    Im from Valdosta Georgia and I remember a radio guy Tony Rollo on a radio show when I was in high school. That was in 1992 and for many years. Gulf 104? But he was cut radio. Down in florida. Are u the same guy? Me and all my friends would always listen every saturday night.

    • bfadmin says:


      WONDERFUL DAYS then – I will try to to tell that story as brief as I can.

      Yes – I had a radio show called ” Cut Radio ” which I created around 1989. I entered radio broadcasting in the early 1980s full time for a few years and then produced and hosted a few specialty shows in radio – mainly weekend programs which paid better – freelancing through the middle of the 90’s. Hustling to make a buck as we all do.

      At first – Cut Radio was on a Texas based network called Z ROCK and the flagship station where I broadcast from was in Tallahassee Florida. I then was made an offer I could not refuse to be the “Saturday Night Guy” at the 100,000 watt heritage FM station WGLF.

      WGLF’s signal was a good 38,000 square miles and was heard well into Georgia up to Macon, well into southern Alabama, and across Florida from Pensacola to Jacksonville and almost to Orlando. So going off Z ROCK mad a lot of sense whereas I aso was publishing an entertainmet magazine called “Tri-State Entertainment Magazine” at the time that was distributed basically to the same coverage area that WGLF served.0

      After several years at that as my show Cut Radio had great success with national sponsors such as Sprite – I left radio for 2 reasons … modern rock was getting to be quite terrible and my main pursuits were taking more time and paying the rent and utilities much better.

      BUT – I was able to have great relationships with record labels and be the first to spin great new music first!

      First to host a chat room on the internet live during broadcasts ….

      I had COUNTLESS guests on the show live that went on to national fame – also a lot of classic rock acts passing through.

      I still have a big box of air check tapes from the show which I really should transcribe to digital on the internet.

      Keep a watch through

      I have lots of cassette tapes and DAT tapes of the show which are quite entertaining. As time permits – I really should put clips online for folks to enjoy and remember.

      We had a marriage proposal on the show live …

      We broadcast the birth of a married couple who were fans of the show and gave their newborn son the middle name of “Randy Rhodes” in honor of Randy Rhodes – the guitarist of Ozzy Osborne.

      Lots of humor and fun – as I’m sure you remember …

      But life has many fun times that come to an end … such as did the great show Cut Radio …

      Thanks so much for you mentioning it!

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