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Benjamin Franklin will bring interesting interaction to your Business event, trade show and convention.

Trade Show Interactive Experience

Uplift the enjoyment of your trade show visitors and exhibitors by having Benjamin Franklin mingle and walk the isles greeting your guests, giving out wise anecdotes and telling short stories along the way.

This interactive experience is particularly advantageous for coin shows, antique events and themed trade shows.

Business & Convention Speaker

Have Dr Franklin be the speaker at your event.

Benjamin Franklin is wise and smart in business. A special address can be tailored to your particular group. The wisdom, humor and witty anecdotes will have your spirits flying high !

The Full Benjamin Franklin Lives Show at Your Event

What better way to have a memorable convention or other event to have a special performance of Benjamin Franklin Lives !

The full program can be augmented based on your convention’s theme with wit, humor and wisdom that more matches your attendees’ interests. For example: A business convention will have more business substance while a Historical Association will lean more towards the events in Franklin’s life that shaped history.

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Let Benjamin Franklin help make your trade show, convention or business event a very memorable experience.

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