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Performing Arts Opportunities – Give your Students a Great Gift of a Master Class from a Working Professional

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While in your part of the country performing Benjamin Franklin Lives …

… your drama students can have an opportunity to learn applied acting techniques, insights into the world of professional acting, and to sit down to personally question a professional about the full realities of choosing the arts as their life career.

One of our goals is to uplift and firmly confirm your lessons to your students by someone who is actively working every day in the industry of the performing arts.

The other goal is to positively influence those star students who have the ambition and talent to take their shot, while giving those “hobby” students in your class a realization of how effective an education in the dramatic arts will be such a positive skill that will help them achieve in any aspect of life they choose to enter into …

Let us help you by giving your students the insight into the professional world, while strengthening the poise and confidence you have provided as needed to be successful in life.

About the Producer and Performer – Tony Rollo

Tony Rollo is a Nashville based Media Producer, feature filmmaker, honor society actor and Director with a formal background in electronic engineering. He has many audio and video works to his credit. For his living history audio works, his actor’s group of characters are known as “The Mighty American Art Players”.

Tony was invited at 16 years old to join the International Thespian Society. He is a professional member of the Educational Theater Association (EDTA).

Tony Rollo shares a fellowship as alumni in this illustrious honor society with actors such as Tom Hanks, Dick Van Dyke, John Goodman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Faye Dunaway, Val Kilmer, Cloris Leachman, Tony Randall, Amy Acker and many other successful actors.

Tony spent his early years in professional touring theaters and solo theatrical projects before his positions in the professional recording industry and work in the computer industry. This was his solid foundation in successfully combining technology with the performing arts.

Tony has a wide experience in the Entertainment Industry, print and digital media publishing, radio broadcasting and voice over performance. His work has be seen and heard in many professional arenas.

Tony Rollo also spent a few years at the Museum Of Science And Industry in Tampa. He appeared as the resident science wizard performing several live shows daily and sponsored by a major department store chain based in Florida.

Tony has produced and directed two feature films to his credit to date. His second feature film is the acclaimed feature documentary “Submariners: The Men Of The Silent Service” which appeared in theaters in 2016.

His second feature movie has been called “the best submarine docudrama ever made” by leaders in the United States Submarine Service. The GI Film Festival in Washington D.C. declared this feature to be “of the highest quality” where he not only directed and produced the feature, created motion graphic animations, but also edited the feature as well as mastered and authored the DVD release.

Benjamin Franklin Lives was prepared over several years of research, script writing and production work. It comes after a lifelong study since he was eleven years old of his favorite human, Benjamin Franklin.

It all began in 1972 when Tony was chosen to perform at Disney world in a ceremony of American history at Liberty Square. And he met – face to face – Benjamin Franklin.

Tony, as a young boy merely encountered a Walt Disney actor portraying Benjamin Franklin for that event at Disney World while performing a live scene for the day of course

Yet – that Disney actor took a particular interest backstage in the possible future of the young, eleven year old Tony Rollo.

That Disney World actor took time to inspire and instill into Tony the spark that began a lifelong study of American History, a love of acting and also to study the great man himself, Benjamin Franklin.

Tony’s desire now – after such an early influence, lifelong study and years of work, is to bring the accuracy and attention to detail the living history world strives to achieve onto the stage for a new and unique audience experience.

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Performing Arts Opportunities – Give your Students a Great Gift of a Master Class


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