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Benjamin Franklin – The Full Theatrical Performance – Live On Stage

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The Benjamin Franklin Lives full performance before your eyes in your local theater or auditorium…

A living history theatrical experience designed for modern audiences –

Experience personally this special event as you enter a time machine to witness history.

YOU will indeed become a witness to history…

Based entirely on his personal letters –

Benjamin Franklin Lives – the theatrical experience – offers a high level of humor and drama along with accuracy in a historical atmosphere …

This presentation is not only highly entertaining, but also an accurate window into the times and personal trials of Benjamin Franklin.

Experience and Explore Benjamin Franklin’s personality, wit, humor, wisdom as well as his struggles with his own personal demons.

This amazing presentation is NOT POLITICAL by any means – YET – it is something everyone attending will derive humor and wisdom that can be applied to today’s world.

It is a timeless window into principles that span the ages – and can be as fresh today as in any yesterday.

Mysteries Revealed – Live!

It is the year 1775 – Benjamin Franklin has just returned after serving many years as representative of the American colonies to England.

Benjamin Franklin escaped just in time … and traveled many weeks by sailing ship to return to his home in Philadelphia. When he arrived, he was told of the terrible events in the Massachusetts colony while he was in transit on the ocean.

Benjamin Franklin has a warrant out for his arrest in England. He has been accused as an enemy to the King. Yet – in the American colonies, many believe Benjamin Franklin is a spy for the King.

Many rumors at the time are being spread about Benjamin Franklin. Representatives from all the colonies are beginning to assemble in Philadelphia to discuss the times at hand in 1775.

Benjamin Franklin has found himself becoming trapped between his own beliefs and mission – with abounding rumors and accusations against him – his actual duties with the colonies – his desire for the colonies to achieve independence – as well as all the “tavern talk” over pints of ale which puts Franklin in a position of public questioning

A Full Theatrical Performance ~ designed for fun, historical accuracy, and modern audiences:

This theatrical show – full of surprises and accurate historical insight, gives the audience a unique opportunity to not only experience a masterful time of a theatrical performance –

Also – to experience living history as well as timeless substance they can bring into their everyday lives. Benjamin Franklin Lives as a theatrical experience – seeks to be more than just another play passing through your home town.

Enjoy an escape into the past while realizing a bright future …

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